Monday, July 25, 2011

Market Monday

I'm starting with my fav.o.rite. piece today.  In fact, when I finished this piece I literally walked around my house with it, setting it down, backing up, trying to find it a home... with ME!!  This little gem started out with darling details but badly disguised with faux cherry wood redness.  I love a great before and after and I want to get better at taking the before shots so you can fully appreciate the 'afters'.
 Do you need an entry table?  A little bedside table?  A tiny table for the landing on your stairs?
 She... yes, with legs like this, it HAS to be a she... is the perfect little nook table.  Love her!
 Ummm... have I convinced you yet of the NEED for you to have some vintage books for your decor?  This new book bundle of 3 is so perfect with its shades of blues. 
 Next is a square end table.  It had character galore but its finish was orangey with speckles.  It got an update with layers of paint to give it depth and bring all the nooks and crannies to the forefront.  Success!
The lower shelf is genius, great for a basket or to toss your magazines on.  Great shape for an endtable.
This chair is amazing.  A modern, sleek look but in a classic wingback chair.  It is tufted and upholstered in a gorgeous indigo velour/velvet.  YUM!  I rushed this beauty straight to the booth... I have what is becoming an unhealthy desire to keep all wingback chairs that I come into contact with.  I need an intervention!
I love salt and pepper shakers.  I have several sets of pewter ones that I keep stored on a shelf in my kitchen for when I have lots of family/friends for dinner.  I have recently found several old sets and together they make the most beautiful collection... so you want to start your own?
 This wire server also went to the booth.  I thought the s&p shakers would look great displayed on the top tier.  In fact, this server is beautiful left out on the kitchen counter at all times.
 On the second shelf of the server I have a set of crocheted napkins and placemats... 6 of each. 
 And on the bottom of the wire server I added a silver bowl.  A quick tip, I love to leave the tarnish on my silver.  I just find it wonderful... and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I know myself well enough that I would never polish silver regular enough to keep it shiny.  So if I want to use my tarnished silver with food, I just layer it with a piece of ironstone or another type of dish.  In essence using the tarnish bowl as a charger for another bowl.
 No need to layer if I just want to use the tarnished silver to hold non-edible things.  This bowl sure has wonderful engravings on the inside.  Beautiful piece!
 I got this next piece on a different day and different location but it matches the above bowl.  It is a great shape for an entry table to hold keys and change.
 A random old set of custard dishes, 3 of them in graduated sizes.  I am drawn to anything with fluted details.
 I found an old two pane window... with waves in the original glass.  It has some hardware still left on it and I thought it was useful to hang a little piece of artwork from or.... a goat bell.
 Cause everyone needs a goat bell with a charcoal grey velvet ribbon.... right?!!
 OK, whew... that was a lot of photos for one week.  I'll leave you with a few extras of the booth.  Enjoy!

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  1. I love all your stuff and one day *sigh* one day I will get to come see it all in person and perhaps get something. :)