Monday, September 26, 2011

Market Monday

We are back from a family vacation, and I've needed to take some time to start back with homeschooling and, and, and.... so sorry for my absence.

But now I am finding my new normal... schedule wise, and I was able to re-fluff the booth and add lots more items this morning.  I'll spotlight a few for you!

You KNOW how I love using books to decorate with.  I always have a wide selection of antique books and 'book bundles' in my booth.  THIS bundle was a fun challenge to put together.
 Did you pick up on the theme?  BOO! 
 I thought this collection of covers in the classic Halloween colors and even some titles that fit too... was just so fun! 
 I love scales... and I personally own several.  Right now I have one in my guest bath, holding some mini pumpkins and hand towels, and...
 I also have this one in my master bath holding decorative soaps.  I think scales are clever ways to display utilitarian items.  I even took a large set of scales to my sil's baby shower and her sister put the drink dispensers on them and it was darling!
 The small scale below is now in my booth.  It is the perfect scale for the kitchen to hold a few of your most used spices...
 and I also thought it would be quite functional on a desk.
 Spring and Fall are the seasons I tend to drag out every vase, jar, and vessel I own to display garden cuttings.  Jars like these take up such little storage space and to bring a large collection out and place down a farm table or mantel gives big impact!
 I adored these jars because of their non-traditional shapes!
 The color of this jar is amazing.  The deepest, richest brown... perfect for Fall.  And due to its age, the surface has a natural etching which gives it a soft feel and look!
 Do you like 'old as dirt' baskets?  Here is a large sized basket, perfect for tossing your extra throws into as we officially enter 'cuddling' weather.
 I have a personal collection of these shoe forms.  I have a pair that represents each member of our little family.  This white pair used to represent ME in my collection, grin.  But as most collections go... I found another pair while on vacation, and so these are now at my booth for sale.
 Rarely are shoe forms painted... they are usually only found in their natural state, yet I found the ones above AND also found this blue pair.  They are mens forms.  Do you want to start a collection of your own?
 Well, that's it for this little peek into a few of the items that I took to my booth this morning.  I'll leave you with a couple pics of the booth.  I'll be back to post next week, promise ;)