Monday, August 1, 2011

Market Monday

August 1!!!  Can't believe that as of today I have been in business for 3 months.  Loving it.  Just got home from dropping off this weeks Market Items.

I have always been drawn to functional vintage kitchen pieces.  I am a firm believer that presentation is important.  This butter dish is just beautiful.  Simply.  Gorgeous.
 This small serving tray has a very similar rose design as the butter dish.  They would make great companions.
 I added this set of glass salt and pepper shakers to the few remaining in the booth from last week.
This small pedestal is perfect to hold small table items or even can hold spare change and keys. 
This is a top photo of the pedestal.  I am a 'layer' decorator and could see a small ironstone bowl placed on top of this pedestal for a pop of contrast.
I was so surprised when I first picked up this cream pitcher.  It is so heavy.  Which immediately makes me think of filling it with an oversize bunch of flowers... it would hold 'its own' just fine. 
If you have gone to my booth more than once... you are fully aware of my attraction to small pitchers.  I personally own so many because I find them so decorative perched on top of a stack of books and useful to hold pencils, drinking straws, candy sticks, etc.  It can make the most ordinary, utilitarian objects look darling just collected inside.  Love.
Look at this Postal Scale!  It is very large, for this style of scale and the details on the face are amazing all on their own. 
The combination of the aged glass and my mediocre photography skills make this hard to read,  but I sure hope you can see the date on the face...  March 26, 1944!!!
I grew up on Redstone Arsenal... and we lived at the pools there when we were young.  Swimming lessons early in the mornings, then returning hours later to just play in the pool.  They had these locker baskets there.  These are very nostalgic for me.  I went ahead and scrubbed these down... trust me... your first thought would NOT have been of nostalgia if you saw them before soap, water, and a wire brush got to them, grin.  But now they are ready to work for ya. 
Perfect for magazine, shoes,  to sort mail or toys...
I added several antique pillow cases, all standard sizes.  I dream of opening a Bed & Breakfast in the future and I have boxes of these pillow cases.  All with different edging.  All so beautiful.  I want to heap them ridiculously high on the beds in our B&B.  This little cutey is my favorite of the ones I dropped off this morning.
On my forever long list of 'learn to dos' is hand embroidery... such a delicate, amazing art form!

This may be a bit of a shocker...I actually took in a piece of furniture that I did not feel compelled to PAINT first.  I do have a love for painted furniture pieces.  Truth is so many older pieces are actually given a new life with a fresh coat of paint... but this piece made me pause.  The tone in this wood piece is perfection.  Not orange, not red... but deep, rich, brown.  Layers and layers of varnish that is perfectly imperfect.  I just had to give it a chance to stay as is.  I see it as a coffee table, especially if you have a tight space but still would love one.  But it is also a great height for an end table... very versatile!
Please go by in person to see this table if you are in the least bit intrigued by it.  You will not be disappointed by all the turnings and little details.
Hands down my favorite part is its top.  It has a 'lip' around the top that is magnificent.  And it is on the top that you see the natural crackle in the layers of varnish and around the edges.  Impossible to recreate such beautiful aged details.  I have a tremendous crush on this piece... could you tell?
I love art.  I have several art ledges in my home so I can lean art pieces and swap them out often.   I can't state that any ONE artist is my favorite, but in my top ten is Sir James Guthrie.  Do you know his work?  I don't have any lofty dreams to own an original of his, but prints do my heart good.  And here is a print that I added to my booth.  It is mounted onto masonite and has hanging hardware already attached to the back.  I found this and loved the lavender and neutral tons of the piece.
 'To Pastures New'
Now comes the time for a bit of a confession.  For the first time in 3 months I have crumbled under the pressure of wanting something so badly, that I had already taken to the booth.  Today, my defenses were too weak to walk away and leave this item for another week.  The Joy of Cooking copyright 1931 has come back home with me.  I don't regret it a bit.  That perfect shade of blue and the handwritten notes inside the cover and throughout the book were my demise.  And never mind that I found June Platt's Plain and Fancy Cookbook, copyright 1941,  days ago and thought it looked lonely up on my kitchen shelf with all those other modern cookbooks. 
I have promised myself that this will NOT become a habit... but the fact that my heart would pace each week until I would see that it was STILL there, meant I should have never tried to part with it in the first place... Right?  Now I shall go and try to rebuild my resolve.  grin.  Have a great week!

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