Monday, July 18, 2011

Market Monday

I am thrilled with the collection of accessories I took to the booth today.  Gorgeous!!  So while I usually show the bigger items, today I shall spotlight on the small and simple.
I adore this pewter creamer and sugar vessel.  The lines on these are so elegant and simple.
 A silver bud vase.  Darling.  
This creamer and sugar vessel is silver over copper.  I mention this because it has tarnished in such a unique and beautiful way.  It has the darkened tarnish of silver but in the areas it has been rubbed you can see the copper.  It really is beautiful.  Very ornate handles, feet, and lid.
I always pause at a set of gorgeous candlesticks.  I want to line tons of different candlesticks on my mantel... all shapes, finishes, sizes... for Christmas.  This set of silver candlesticks has such a sweet silhouette.
 Fluted, brass vase.  Have you see the moss covered balls that are so popular right now?  I can see this as the perfect container for moss balls.
 I will not be sad if this does not sale.  N.E.V.E.R. have I seen a cuter rolling pin. 
This is a large basket.  I sewed a linen liner for it with a cute kick pleat.  I hope someone can use this to stash toys beautifully in their living room or even extra throw blankets and pillows.   It has a square bottom and slightly flairs to a round top.
The scalloped frame on this mirror makes it so interesting.  It is quite large... measuring about 30"x36".
I am working on a slipcovered loveseat this week.  Lots of summer activities going on with the kids so I hope to get it done... but water balloons and slip n slides seem to rank higher priorities here on our farm :)  Have a great week!

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  1. I'm interested in the farm table you showed at an earlier post. Do you have it or another like it?