Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Market Monday... I have a good excuse...

So, yes, I am a day late AGAIN.  But I have a good excuse, or so I have convinced myself.  I sold my largest item to date.  The h.u.g.e. solid mahogany cabinet with hutch had lots of client interest starting with opening day.  It found a home this weekend.  To say it left a 'hole' in my booth is quite the understatement.  So thankful though.
I found this piece with tremendous damage.  I took a leap of faith that I could systematically make each repair and that it could be structurally sound again.  It was a ton of work but I was thrilled that it was restored.  Farewell!
I don't have a large item quite ready for the booth so I worked on this dresser over the weekend so it could go in asap.  I almost forgot the before photo entirely, got a little side shot that wasn't painted.
I found this dresser on craigslist and I loved the interesting sides and the configuration of the drawers.  It had a dated wood tone and faux distressing and splattering.  So I got to work!  I primed it with a grey paint and then did a finish coat of a very light blue called Silver Cloud.  I lightly distressed letting the wood and first layer of grey peak through.  Then I painted numbers on the drawers/door and painted the hardware. 
 Seriously!  I was so pleased with the AFTER.  Love it.  This is a heavy duty old dresser... do you have a place for it???
I redid this darling rocker too.  It had a highly lacquered finish that just felt sticky but it was still sturdy and I thought the curves were amazing.  Before...
 and the AFTER of it sitting so cute in the booth.  I reupholstered the seat with a imitation grain sack fabric.
 (sorry for this very weird angled picture, not sure why I had the camera turned so crazy)
I find these tin pitchers so useful.  They look so great as vases but I also like to actually plant in them and have them on a table on the porch.  This pitcher actually appears to have a slightly ruffled top edge but it is just normal, beautiful wear.
The next photos are of a few new accessory items added today...
 Cafe Glass Pedestal and a Glass Milk Jar
 Little Oil Can
 Hobnail CandleSticks... such a beautiful touch of bling!
 MilkGlass Pedestal
 Tall Cream Crock
 I'll include a few photos of the adjusted booth layout.  Tight fit for everything but I am happy with the 'feel'.
I wanted to answer a couple more questions that I have received.  Again, I'll answer these questions on my blog in case others have the same ones.

Q - Can I bundle items for a discount price?
A - Most of my items for sell are marked with individual prices, except for an occasional 'set' item like a pair of candlesticks for ONE price.  BUT in case you are new to antique shopping... it is never frowned upon for you to take an item to the checkout counter and ask if they can do any better on the price.  The employee will let you know if there is any sale going on or if there is a discount, of any kind, related to that specific item.  No fear, be brave... never hurts to ask, especially if you really love it but it is a tad out of reach price wise!

Q - Can I ship any of the items from my booth?
A - I do not currently ship items.  The items I have in my booth are only for sale to Packard Antique Mall shoppers/clients.  I would love to have an online shop in the future but my life and storage space for such a venture is not conducive for that right now.

Thanks again for all the interest in my business.  I am having a blast, especially today when I can 'redecorate' the space and be creative in that way.  Have a Great Week!  Dawn

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