Monday, October 10, 2011

Market Monday

First Ever SALE!!!!
Tons of vendors at Packards have markdowns in their booths... Once Upon a Farm is jumping in to the frenzy.
My reasons are 2 fold and selfish, yep!
#1 - I will be moving to a double booth on the 28th of this month and I would like to move as few things as possible.  Two other vendors are also moving their items to accommodate my request for two booths and I really, really, want to simplify things and make sure they are inconvenienced as little as possible and I am out of their way quickly ;)
#2 - Packards' Holiday Open House will begin November 11th!  The more items I can sell now... makes more room for brand new items for the Open House.  I will have my new booth spaces packed with painted furniture, slipcovered pieces, Holiday items GALORE!  It is going to be beautiful... I hope you'll agree.  I will be giving sneak peaks in the upcoming weeks.

I'll be sure to bore you with pics of 'the move', snicker.   And of course details as to how to find me in my new location.

So for today... this will be the heaviest photo laden post EVAHHH!  I will show photos taken today in the booth and also closeups of individual items still available in my booth and now on SALE!  You would be doing me a huge favor by scooping these items up so I, nor the sweet men/muscles in my life, do not have to heave-ho them to the new spaces.  There are little items, and large furniture items... nothing is exempt... all 20% off.  

 K.  You made it to the end.  Hope if there has been anything you really wanted but didn't get... this sale will help you take it home with ya!  I have some very, tremendously, busy weeks ahead of me but so exciting too!  I look forward to the new space and hope you can all make it to the Holiday Open House in November... I will keep you updated.  Have a great week!

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