Monday, October 24, 2011

Market Monday... a p.m. addition!

Whew... OK, sneaking under the wire with this post.  I did not make any new deliveries to my booth today since I am currently having a sale and trying to clear out some items.  I officially move into my new booth this Friday, YAY!  It will be tons of work and I will be glad when all the shuffling is done.  I will post my new space on Market Monday next week.  My double booth will be a tad of a 'shell' for a bit of time.  I will be loading it full for 
Packard's Holiday Open House, November 11th & 12th.
Mark your Calendars and I promise to have all new items from large furniture pieces to small items that can help you with your Christmas shopping!
So today I have a few teaser photos of items that will be added to the new booth space for the Open House.  I am thrilled with some of the items that will be ready soon.  I am exhausted with all the work but it is so much fun to see the many 'piles' of items grow and grow.
 I have found a new gray/blue paint color and!  I am using it on a huge dresser.  Here's a peak at the curvy drawers... can't wait to show you the complete before and after of this piece.  It is a drastic change.  I feel I really transformed a piece that was sure to be trashed otherwise.
 I will have several slipcovered pieces done and ready for the booth too! 
 Candlesticks will be a prominent item as I think they are so gorgeous lined on a Holiday mantle!
 While in Destin on vacation, I happened to find the most amazing crusty dusty boxes collection of glass... different styles and I hope to give you tons of ideas of how to use them for display and also for very functional use.  Really excited to finally get these in the new booth.
I have been creating some beautiful items with the pages of some old hymnbooks I recently found.  The printing dates on these books ranged from 1927-1942!  Each page is fantastic and I hope you will love the items I've made with this beautiful collection of sheet music.

I'll post next week with pics of my new LARGER space and plan to give more sneak peaks leading up to the Open House.  Have a great week!!

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