Monday, October 3, 2011

Market Monday

I am bursting because of some great news I received today!
First things first... I delivered tons of new items to the booth this morning. 

My favorite item this week is this leaded glass window.
 It has two pieces of its original hardware too!
 This little table is hand whittled... the legs, the joints, the top... it is such a sweet thing with gorgeous details.
 I added several book bundles too.
 This is a checkerboard I made years ago when myself, my sisters, mom, and sisters-in-law had a little business together selling antiques and making crafts.  This is actually an antique cutting board that I painted.
 I think it is a clever serving piece, but think outside the box and it would be great on a ottoman as a game piece too!
 I just love this metal basket.  It is beautiful enough to use for entertaining and also sturdy enough for storage.
 While our family was in Destin recently, I found several grainsacks.  I kept several, gifted another... and am putting the rest in the booth.
 I have a 'thing' for silver trays.  I love this one because of its scalloped edges and little feet.
 It would serve perfectly to corral all your cooking spices and oils/vinegars right on your kitchen counter.  Functional items now make a beautiful display.
 I've sold several old rolling pins in the booth.  Old cooking and baking utensils are highly collectible.  I love this kitchen mallet.  Hope someone else will too.
 I read in a magazine recently where a designer was asked by a reader for a suggestion on how to organize all the items that can collect on a nightstand, yet items that you would like to hide away during the day.
The designers suggestion?  Use an antique suitcase... items can be stored right on top of nightstand, yet closed away and the suitcase becomes beautiful display during the day.  Love that idea!
 This little suitcase is so darling.  The stripes on the outside, the plaid and stripes... cute!
 And it has all its original hardware and leather handle.
 I mentioned several weeks ago that I was given tons of free Country Home and Country Living Magazines.  I have been bundling these up and putting them in the booth, FREE for the taking.  Today I delivered my final bundle, I sure hope they are being enjoyed.  I have a tad bit of a magazine obsession.
When I arrived at Packard's this morning, one of the owners was excited to tell me that they were able to 'orchestrate' a double booth space for me.  This was no small feat.  So many vendors have had the same spaces for YEARS.  But two gracious vendors were willing to do some major shuffling around so that I could get 2 spaces next to each other.  I will be moving to a different location within Packards, but I will be sure and give details so you can find me.  I have many LARGE pieces that have been sitting sadly heaped in my garage, now I will have the space to display them... china hutches, large dressers, dining table and chairs, sofas, settees, armoires, etc!!  I will still be sure and have items of every size and price point, promise.  This will just allow me to have more items for my clients to choose from.  Yay!  
The big, messy, moves will not happen for a few weeks.  Coordinating 3 vendors schedules will take some patience, but we all have a goal to have the move basically done by end of October... so we can all be ready for the Packard's Holiday Open House which happens in November.


  1. That is great news! Is that painting next to the leaded glass window at your booth too?? I really need to take a trip down there.

  2. I WISH I LIVED BY YOU! you have an eye for everything i would love to have!;D that nightstand idea is an awesome one. i might have to use that.
    i have a magazine problem too...they just have so much good stuff in em!