Monday, October 31, 2011

Market Monday and Moving Day!

Friday we arrived at Packard's Antiques ready for a very long day.  Well, 'ready' may be overstating it because a few hours in... I was wanting to be done.  Shawn, Christian, and I helped move the contents of two other booths elsewhere and then started the process of 'prepping' the new double space so we could officially move my items out of my original space.

The floors are typical of most Antique Malls... rough cement.  I really think the addition of some kind of floor covering helps make the space seem separate from the mass of other booths.
 I love these FLOR carpet tiles.  They are commercial grade and held up well in my original booth, so I ordered more for the new space.  Shawn and Christian are now professionals at installing these tiles!
 I almost forgot to take 'before pictures'.  Here is the space with nothing but a few of my larger furniture pieces.  We had to do the floor while strategically moving around the furniture... again, not fun.  The walls are peg board... functional but ugly.  I am at the end of an aisle now so I do not have a 'neighbor' to the right side of my booth.  Instead I have a walkway and large loading door... which isn't pretty, but will be to bring in my larger pieces. 
I used burlap again to cover the walls.  This time I just ruffled the entire wall of burlap.  This is where I hurt my back, grin... standing on the very highest step of a ladder, reaching as high as I could, stapling as I went along.  But I am happy with the results.  There is no way to completely disguise the peg board but it helps give more texture and I think when it is fully loaded, it will look nice.
 This angle is of the left side of my booth.  I do have a neighbor on this side.  So I came up with a screening idea that I could not be more thrilled about!!
 These doors/screens are my favorite thing in the whole booth set-up.  Gotta love when an idea turns out great!  All of these doors are beautiful antiques but they are no longer for sale, nope, they are keepers now that they make functionality so gorgeous!
I left very few items in the booth when we were done constructing/laying the bones of the booth.  The reason being that I want to reload next week with lots of brand new items for the Holiday Open House.  I hope to make the entire space feel festive by next week.  Right now it seems very large and daunting, snicker.  I will post next week on FRIDAY instead of Monday due to the beginning day of the Open House.  I'm not sure how many vendors will go all out for this event... but I AM!! 

P.S - I have changed the information for my location inside Packard's.  Please make note... I'm super easy to find, just all the way to the back now ;)

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