Monday, August 8, 2011

Market Monday

This week I want to start with a picture I found on Pinterest.  I've been wanting a solution for jewelry storage that is tucked away but also lets me SEE what I have.  Bingo!  Love the collected variation of all the antique dishes and pottery.  So I've had my eye out for beautiful 'collections' like this and have found plenty for my needs... and then some.  Could you use a jewelry drawer too?
I have tons of incredible dishes and pottery pieces now in my booth that could be collected and arranged for that very purpose!
 This collection is along the same style my jewelry drawer will contain... blues, whites, ironstone, and I'll probably add some gorgeous antique silver too.
 These two bowls seem very anthropology-ish to me.  I love their handpainted bowls!
 Or maybe this collection suits your tastes better... blacks, whites, and antique silvers.
 These toile plates are magnificent. 
 Navy blues toile plates, navy striped pottery, ironstone, and a pop of red too.
 This collection is b.e.y.o.n.d. feminine.  So fun putting all different colors and textures together to get the look you want.
Next... look at this gravy boat...
 Seriously?  Yum!
 Or maybe you prefer a gravy dish like this?
 I have never seen a creamer and sugar vessel set like this.  So beautifully ornate and on the cutest tray.
 They are each lined in what I believe to me enamel.  The contrast of the silver outside with the white inside is beautiful.
 I am on the 'hunt' for an antique fan for my studio (if it ever gets completed).  I want to replace the existing ceiling fan in the space with a chandelier, but the halogen inset lights can put off some heat.  My solution for stubbornly insisting on a chandelier is to find an antique fan to cool the room down when needed.  With all that said, whew, I found this fan.  It is too small for my needs but I got it anyway hoping one of my clients would love it.
 It works and even oscillates.  The side view of it is so unique... not seen that shape before.  And it is adjustable so you can angle the fan however you need.  Cute!
 So... seriously... I am failing at the 'before shots' of my painted projects.  Grrrr.  But I did manage a tiny shot of just little bit of a mirror frame that I had started to paint.  So this is the before of the VERY gold frame.
 This is a blurry snippet of the 'after' paint job.  I took the plunge.  Yep.  I was thinking white... then thought bronze... but I painted it blue.  BLUE! 
 And I have no regrets.  Amazing.  I sanded through and let some of the old gold come back through.  Then did 3... THREE... glaze treatments.  The reason for that is to get a layered, but subtle, amount of age.  The first glaze layers were Burnt Umber... needed to warm up the blue a tad.  The final glaze was graphite.  I have bought into the blue and gray combo, hook.line.and.sinker!  I finished it with a wipeon poly.  Love it!
 I had barely hung it when a group of 5 College gals glanced in to the booth and screamed in glee.  I literally would have dropped this beauty if it had not just safely landed on the hook, whew.  So I hope by their reaction that I didn't go too far out painting it blue.  We'll see how it goes ;)
And I so loved the finish of the mirror frame, I now know what I want to do with this little gem I found this weekend.  Tad dated as is... but ohhhh the sweet details.  I'll be sure and show you the 'afters' soon.
PS - Christian has a new found love of making things out of recycled wood.  A few of his items made it into the booth.  My favorite is this simple crate... I want one to hold pumpkins in for my front porch this fall.
And I may need one of these to hold magazines on my back porch, snicker.
I sure hope everyone local is safe this evening after our crazy weather today.  Be sure and be weather aware tomorrow... as it seems we are in for more of the same.  See you here next Monday

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  1. Discovered "Once Upon A Farm" through Craigslist... And had to visit your booth! So glad that I did! You'll notice the GE fan and a book bundle missing from the French No. Dresser next time you return to Packard's :) Your style and presentation are impeccable! Will be following your blog now for Market Monday's!