Monday, August 29, 2011

Market Monday and MY series of unfortunate events...

I only got a couple photos of items I took to the booth this morning.  I will explain later in this post, for now suffice it say... it has been one of those Mondays ;)

I love this stool.  It is quite large, perfect for sitting.  But I actually use high stools like this, in my home,  for another purpose entirely.
 I love to have little 'end tables', that take up minimal floor space but provide a perfect place for a drink, etc.  I have a multitude of antique stools, serving as end tables, in almost every room of my house.  Very functional!
 Cute story:  I went to a garage sale a few weeks ago.  I purchased a few things and then noticed a box full of Country Living Magazines.  I love this magazine!  I asked what the huge box of magazines cost.  The gal grinned and then said I was welcome to take them for free, if I made one promise... when I was finished looking at them that I then passed them along to someone else.
Perfect!  I am SO enjoying reading (and of course drooling over the pictures too) through these older edition magazines... so far the oldest one I have found is 2003.  They still have such great ideas!  This box is huge and FULL, so as I look through a 'bundle'... I will deliver them to my booth.  Each bundle is FREE for the taking.  The first person that happens in my booth and is interested enough, can take them home with them.  As simple as that!  Promise KEPT!
I've been looking for an antique buffet for my kitchen.  I found this one but it was too small.  BUT I thought it had such beautiful details... and I thought she deserved a fresh look.
Here she is BEFORE:
 This back piece was missing veneer and had a split in the wood all down the right side... it could not be saved... but thankfully the overall piece did not suffer in its removal.
 And the varnish and hardware had been exposed to moisture at some time...
The AFTER:  heavily sanded, 2 coats of primer, and 2 coats of paint.  A light distressing brought out all the gorgeous... simple... details.
These are my favorite style of antique pulls.  I had to sand the hardware to rid them of the rust.  Then I spray painted them in flat black.  The finishing touch was a glaze of Burnt Umber to 'warm' them up to compliment the original wood tones that show through the distressing.  Perfect!
This is where I explain why so few items were photographed this week.
I'm sure you've notice by now that I love, LOVE, to 'stage' my photos.  It is a creative outlet for me... showing the different ways to use an item, showing different arrangements, etc.
Today, I was innocently pulling some antique bowls down from my kitchen shelves...
and SMASH!
I simply heard the avalanche over my head and froze... as 4, FOUR, of my most beloved antique McCoy bowls hit my head and shoulder, knocked my camera out of my hand and then smashed to pieces on the floor.
Tears were shed.
Oh yes they were.
I realized moments later that when I grabbed a stack of larger bowls from the shelf to use as 'props' for the buffet photos... I accidentally pushed the smaller 4 bowls too close to the corner of the shelf and they slipped right off.
My children ran into the kitchen when they heard my screams of 'first pain' as the bowls landed on top of me... and then my sobs.  My camera laid in pieces in the floor.  My sweethearts picked up each little piece and tried to match them to which bowl they went to.  I actually USED these bowls... nothing in my house is too antique or precious just for display.  But now I am going to try and glue them back together and maybe they can still be utilized to hold things in my studio.  I love them so!  
I pieced back together by camera and actually took the above picture.  I breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed to be OK.  But as I tried to take pictures of the other items I was taking to the booth after the smashed bowl fiasco... nope.  I can't get it to work.  Changed out batteries, can't seem to see anything obviously wrong... but it seems the bowls and my badly bruised noggin and shoulder are not the only 'unfortunate' results of today.  
Thankfully, 7 hours afterward... I think my tender emotions for 'things' has adjusted and proper perspective is winning, grimace.  But its still OK that I have a little ache in my gut, right.  Cause they sure were cute!


  1. I look forward to reading your post every Monday... You posted on a Tuesday once and I was afraid you were going to make me wait until the following Monday..... Actually, I love to see your pictures... I could tell by your pictures that you must have been in pain to break that many loved bowls... Sorry to see that.... I love your buffet that you painted.. It really looks cute.. Keep posting!!!!

  2. I love your stuff, I just recently purchased a vintage sofa with the wood trim with the swan necks and I would love to have it slipcovered , do you do this?

  3. I wondered into Packards this weekend and discovered your booth for the first time. It's breath taking! I went back again today to load up the chalkboard and cream colored metal stool/chair. They will be perfect additions to my home. I wish you the best of luck and will continue checking out what you add to your booth. It's so lovely! I also plan to share about you on my own blog =)

  4. Shoot...that should have said "wandered". Guess I was too excited. =)