Monday, June 6, 2011

Market Monday

Got some befores and afters for you today.  This is a darling wicker chair I found.  It is old and the color was faded, but it is still solid and sturdy... so I gave it a new look.
 I did a quick white wash over the wicker.  It looks fresh and light now.
 Do you have a little shaded nook on your porch?  This is a perfect sized little wicker chair to tuck in the corner of a porch and snuggle in with a good book.  The barrel back makes it extra comfy!
 And the adorable round seat cushion comes with it.  I made it with a slipcover so it can be washed as needed.  I love this chair!
And speaking of pillows... I always have an assortment in my booth with removable covers for washing AND they include the feather insert.  I lean towards large pillows for my sofas and for the kids to lay in the floor with... so I have all different sizes including ones as large as 26" square.
My next before and after is this classic wingback chair.  I have found a couple chairs and though the chairs are still in amazing condition... the upholstery is often dated, case in point... this dusty mauve cover.
My first steps were to stitch up a few rips in the original upholstery and give the upholstery a good cleaning.  The legs were scratched up, so I repaired them also. 
 Anyone that knows me... knows I am a slipcover convert.  Slipcovers function so well for me and my family.  We live on a farm afterall!  It is an impossibility that my furniture can stay clean otherwise.  So almost exclusively, I have slipcovered or leather furniture around my home.  So learning how to slipcover furniture has been a fun pursuit.  I love the process.
The dusty mauve chair got a slipcover made of 'poor man's linen', aka painters drop cloth canvas.  I triple wash the canvas before using it to make the slipcover and it will just continue to get softer and softer with each wash.  I love lighter upholstery but was always afraid of it before slipcovers!  Now I can have the lighter colors with no worries.
I dressed up the back with these ties in case the new owner needed to float this piece in their room and the back would be in full view.  Often a chair like this can be used as a floater piece to enclose a seating arrangement without the use of a wall.  And just as a fun little addition... I had personal tags made to go on my slipcovered pieces... they are discreetly sewn on the inside flap of the back, but it is like a little signature for me.
I am a chronic redecorator.  I love the versatility of accessories to work in several rooms of my home and often an item will travel around my home filling different purposes.  Can you see the 3 HUGE vases on the table.  I had these in 3 different rooms of my home.  They are genius.  Huge but clear so they fill up odd corners without visually being too obtrusive.  I personally had them filled with different natural branches.  But alas, they were permanently replaced next to my family room hearth with a 16' ladder I found in Florida last year.  I have not been able to find them a new home since... so I have them for sale in my booth.  
I got some help from my husband this weekend to rearrange a few items in the booth so I could add all my newest additions.  It is fun to visit my booth and see that things have been sold, and this week I had tons of 'holes' left so we did a quick reshuffle, and added several new larger pieces.  Enjoy!

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