Monday, May 30, 2011

Market Monday

Happy Memorial Day!!  I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Here's my weekly peak at a few of the items going to my booth this week.  First, this darling little chair.
 It is such a great size.  Large enough to sit comfortably in, but small enough to fit into a tight corner for extra seating or to use for display.  It was showing its age though.  I tightened up its joints and added oil to the wood to give it back some color and richness.  The seat could not be more beautiful.
 A couple 'outside of the box' uses for a petite chair like this would be to hold towels or bath salts in your bathroom.  It has such a small 'footprint' that it serves a great purpose without taking up too much floor space, especially in a room like a bathroom.  And PS, doesn't it have the cutest legs and little ball feet!
 I also like to use chairs as easels.  You may have a corner that this chair could tuck in to and also display a piece of art.
 I have it in my booth right now holding my Market sign.  I've also seen a small chair similar to this used on a porch by the front door with a sign displaying the house numbers.  The options are endless.  This chair is adorable!
I have noticed in magazines and catalogs like PotteryBarn, that cutting boards are quite a collectors item now.  I found this one and it made me smile.  It is old, hand-carved and very imperfect.
I smiled the biggest when I turned it over... does anyone else see a turtle?  A 3-legged turtle... I think it is that handle that for some reason looks like a turtle head popping out of its shell.
 I have a few old Birdhouses.  They are quite substantial in size.  Would look great on a fireplace hearth, on top of an armoire, or just tucked in a corner on the floor.  What I love about these cages is that they each have a 'trap door' on the bottoms... I assume to clean the cage if you used it for an actual bird cage.  But for decorative purposes, the bottom door allows you to put a larger display inside than you normally would be able to fit just inside the cage door.  These would be cute with a stack of books inside...
 ... a stack of nature books with this darling bird bell perched on top of them :)
I also want to spotlight this gorgeous antique frame mirror.  You must see the surface of this mirror... it has the waves and bubbles in the glass.  The frame is breathtaking and would look amazing in a collage of art and other frames. 
Baskets are a true weakness of mine.  So functional AND beautiful.  I have a wide range of baskets currently in my booth.  I have wood strip baskets (very old), wire baskets in all their chippy paint glory, willow baskets in different colors from natural to dark gray, and also a few lined baskets.  I currently have a lined basket like the one above in my kitchen to hold my fresh produce... love it.
I hope everyone has a wonderful SHORT work week. 

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