Monday, June 13, 2011

Market Monday

I went in and got my month-end statement and check, yep, check last week.  If I get a check that means I covered rent and commissions and made a profit.  Wahoooo.  Got lots of compliments from owners and was quite excited.  I want to say a special thanks to those that go in to see my booth and even go so far as to talk with the owners/employees about my booth and items in it.  They told me that they have never had so much feed back from clients on a new booth!  So thank you tons!!

So, some more items to spotlight this Monday.  Do you remember this lamp and shade I made several weeks ago and took to the booth?  It sold in just a couple of days... so I decided to make another one.
 I decided to used the base pictured below to the right.  It is larger than the first one I did... quite substantial. 
 I went with a cream base again... very versatile.  I also sprayed the harp and top pin as they were dated brass too.  The light kit on this base worked perfectly so it just needed a facelift.
 Now onto the lampshade, the fun part!  I wanted to do something different than last time but loved the pairing of linen with the cream base... so that stayed the same.  I cut several long strips of linen... and then ran a long stitch down the middle of each strip and gathered them into a ruffle.
 Then I simply wrapped the ruffles around the lampshade.  I think it is so gorgeous!
 Next up is this clear vase.  Its shape reminds me of a chemistry beaker.  This shape of vase is perfect for dogwood branches and long, dramatic clippings.  I forgot to measure its height but it is at least 18" tall and heavy enough to hold a large arrangement.   Love it!
Sometimes the little things just draw me in.  I found this basket at an estate sale (thank you Kim and Jodi) and grabbed it immediately.  My crush on all baskets is well documented and this little gem is darling. 
 Did you notice the little peak at the platter next to the basket?  When we lived outside Sacramento, there was a pottery manufacturer that was closing its doors.  They sold their remaining inventory and also display pieces that they had kept from some of their earliest productions.
 I bought this set at that sale and have loved them.  They are dishwasher and microwave safe even though they are quite old.  And the fact that they do not have even one little chip is a testament to their hardiness... as many of my other dishes have not faired so well with my kids doing the dishes, wink.  The dishes are THE perfect robin's egg blue with a brown edging band.
 And last but not least... this adorable barrel.  I got this originally at a flea market.  I was going to place it just inside my front door, slip a pot inside it, and plant a lemon tree in it.  Yep.  That was my master plan... but even though we have glass double front doors... we open up BOTH doors on a very regular bases and we noticed real quick that my genius plan was not going to work, it would have to be moved a lot...not so functional.  THIS is the hardest item SHAWN has watched me take to the booth thus far.  He loves this thing.  It could also be a very cool umbrella stand or trashcan for a porch.  It is HUGE. 
Go take a look this week.  I hope it is as fun for you to see new items added each week as it is for me to add them and rearrange things.  Having a BLAST... hope you week is incredible!

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