Friday, May 6, 2011

Grand Opening

Just minutes after Packards opened... My muscles, aka Shawn and Christian, and I pulled up in two loaded trucks ready to build my business space.

Obstacle #1...I hate painting walls and I really hate pegboard but one can't deny the functionality of it in this application.  So I really did some creative brainstorming on how to get the look I wanted without a paintbrush and without millions of little holes visible.
 Obstacle #2... the floor wasn't quite what I wanted either... to paint the floor would mean loosing days of production for drying time.
 My solution for the wall was Burlap.  It has such a coarse weave that hooks easily slip through it to utilize the pegboard to hang multiple items at different locations throughout time.  So I draped burlap down the walls, I even varied the colors of the burlap to add interest.  Then I went a tad overboard, but it was just too cute, and created a box pleat ruffle to add to the bottom.  I think it gives it a look of a drapery, or so I tell myself.  At times not much of the ruffles will show but other times depending on what is in the booth it will be a nice added detail.  The floor was solved by carpet tiles.  I found them cheap CHEAP and commercial grade.  I worried over the color but Savannah talked me in to the blue, it is perfect.  I also purchased a few extra tiles in case there was ever a damaged tile you pull it up and replace because they are only taped to each other not the floor.  Once the bones were done... in came the large pieces and then I got to 'fluff'!
 I have been dabbling in slipcovers lately.  I really enjoy making them.  There is a very dated dusty mauve wingback under this cover.  But now it is renewed and those cutey bows are so flirty.
 Many thanks to my sisters, mom, and the Hartselle store owner that hauled this gorgeous old door to my truck for me several weekends ago.  It is amazing... and it has the old rusty hardware, swoon!
 I love to repurpose these old frames into pinboards and chalkboards.  I feared they would look so bare by themselves... then I decided to pin quotes and magazine pages to them for display.  Just what they needed to warm them up.
 On my blog I showed the makings of this Harvest table and the crate on casters.  This is what we made them for.  I have the crate overflowing with amazing feather throw pillows.  The crate stays out of the walk path unless someone pulls it out to look at the pillows, perfect storage. 
 I had some friends and family go see my booth within an hour of finishing.  Gotta love supportive people!  As far as I know my sister Cari gave me my first sell... she bought this huge cage.  So it is now gone but didn't it look so amazing on this pedestal?!
 Here is my official business sign.  Painting fonts is my favorite thing to paint... love it!
 I must note that Christian placed the gray basket on top of the hutch sideways.  He was so pleased with his artistic effort... his one and only, snicker.  I actually liked the way it looked so I left it, wink.
Today was amazing.  Everything came together beautifully and how I had hoped.  I knew the measurements of the booth ahead of time but it was sure tiny compared to how I pictured it in my mind's eye, snort.  I sure stocked it full though!  I think that is one of the things that excites me the most is that it will be ever evolving (trying to be very optimistic that things will consistently sell, grin) and that I get to 'redecorate' often.  Come back often and see what my new additions will be!


  1. Congratulations! It's all beautifully put together!

    What are you asking for the blue "&" sign and the blue flower that was under the bird cage?

  2. It looks beautiful, so cozy and eclectic!
    I don't know if you'll remember me, but you bought the upholstered cedar bench from me a few months back In Hampton Cove. I follow your blog and will now be following this one - and probably making a stop in at your booth at the store. I've heard good things about that place. Good luck and congratulations :)

  3. Wow, it looks great as I knew it would. Can't wait to stop by and browse.

  4. I would LOVE to come by sometime. Been so sick, but maybe someday soon. :) It all looks great! Congrats on the opening of your booth! I saw a few things that would be perfect for my house.