Monday, May 16, 2011

Market Monday

My first week of being open was A.MA.ZING!!  Thank you so much for all those that went in to take a peek and especially those that took home some of the treasures.  It is so fun to see what has been chosen...

Well, this is Market Monday.  Each Monday I will showcase an item, or items, I have worked on in the past week and let you know they are in the booth ready to go home with you ;)

Today I am showing you what I call the 'rag flower lamp'...
 I forgot to get a pic of the before of this lamp, but luckily I have others that look just like it.  I frequently come across these dated shiny brass lamp bases.  They are so substantial and their shapes are gorgeous!  Sometimes they are no longer functional, but a quick swap out for a new light kit (available at Lowes and HomeDepot) and they are ready to work again.
 I also find tons of these old lampshades.  Their shapes are so cute.  Again, I look at the shape of the wire frame... because often the shade fabric is either torn or stained.
 The scallop is my favorite style... but I love them all!
 So, the prep work is to tape off the top socket and the wire.  I have also removed the damaged fabric cover off of the shade frame.  Everything... the base, shade frame, harp, and finial... gets a coat of primer and then a I use cream spray paint to finish.
 Now to recover the shade framework.  I used a textured muslin and made a pattern from each section of the frame.  This can take some finagling (sp?).  This particular frame has a beautiful slope and it was important to get the curves right.
 Once I had my pattern correct... I cut out six sections from the pattern, being sure to allow extra for my seams.  I sewed each section together and slipped over the frame.  I made a little ruffle for the bottom and rolled some 1.5" strips of muslin into rag flowers. 
 This lamp base came with a very bright gold cord.  UGH!  It was not the final look I was going for.  After all, at least a little of the cord always shows and I wanted the gold to just 'disappear'. 
 So I got the idea to just wrap strips of the muslin down the length of the cord... very similar to a chandelier cord wrap.  Much improved!
 And here it is... all assembled and ready to go to the booth, after its photo shoot, of course!
 A few additional items going to Market is this tabletop chalkboard.  Yep, it used to be a table top... long ago separated from the base.  I thought its shape was darling.  I did a free-hand cream border to highlight the curves and added a drawer pull (installed upside down) to hold the chalk.
 I found this luggage stand minus its straps.  I left its original black paint, chipped and glorious.  I added webbing for the straps and now it is useful again.  I currently have a very old piece of luggage in my booth that would look amazing set on top of this... could even be used as a unique side table, complete with storage!
 You could also top it with an old mirror or tray to use it as a table.  Beautiful!
I am excited about a new week.  I will be showing new items next Monday.  Please know I can't show every item on this blog, it will just be tutorials and highlights... go to the booth to see all I have to offer.  I will be adding items every week.  Thanks again for making my first week so fun and a big success!!


  1. Oh my gosh, Shari and I were there this morning! We oohed and aahed over everything. That lamp was easily my favorite and my heart nearly broke in two having to leave it there. :(
    I did get one of your precious little blue vases. I love her a lot too. :)

  2. I need to plan a trip to Alabama.....and I will definitely be making a stop at your shop!

  3. Oh my! Love the lamp. I think E's room needs one.