Monday, December 5, 2011

Market Monday... obsolete??!?

Before I dive in to the new items in my booth, I'll handle a little 'business'.
For those of you that don't actually know ME... I am a SAHM and also a homeschooler.  I opened my booth space earlier this year and have been thoroughly loving my business and creative outlet.  I did really well with it and my business has grown... enough to actually warrant a larger booth size.
I am so thankful.
I did really well in the beginning of this adventure with posting weekly and staging photo shoots of new items, etc.  It was the end of the 2010/2011 school year then and then we entered the summer months.  But when our new school year began in September... I had to find my new 'normal'.  My youngest son's schooling became considerably more involved and my time to do all I needed to do here at home and all I wanted to do for my business became at odds.  Also, with the larger booth, I now have room for larger furniture items and I often need to load those on Saturdays when I have the added muscles of my husband at home and available.
So... all the above explanation to get to my very important point!  Mondays have become an inconvenient day for me to handle business posting.  During the school months of September to May... I must scale back on my posting as a whole, and that means no weekly Market Monday posts.  I will still make weekly deliveries to my booth... I will take pics and post them when I can.  You can add my blog to your list and/or become a follower to know when I have posted pics of new items... those are the best way to get updates since I will not be doing post on a set day any longer. 
In the end, this little business is the PERFECT match for the time and effort I can allow outside of my priorities here at home.  I must make the business work around homelife and that way I can continue to have a business.  All good!  
I continue to get requests for custom orders.  Custom Orders are not possible for me at this time... I can see where that would be a huge opportunity for me and business to grow several years from now... but right now, I just can not.
Are you exhausted from reading all that?  On to today's photos:

I had another large piece of furniture sell this past week!  Remember this gorgeous dining table and chairs?  They have found a home.  Yay!
 That made room for me to 'reintroduce' this darling farm table.  I had it in my smaller booth, tucked in a corner.  I hope now that I have it out in the open that it will SHINE.  It is amazing.  I did paint the base, my favorite shade of grey/blue to give it a fresh look.  Gorgeous.
It is the perfect size for a game table or a small dining nook.  I have 4 mismatched bentwood chairs around it.  I love that they all are different but all the same style!
 The white and grey chair are slightly larger in size and have solid seats.  The two stained chairs have caned bottoms and the caning is in perfect condition.
 This is a checker board made from a cuttingboad.  All you would need is buttons, for pieces,  to start a game ;)
 I love stools.  I use them for everything, including end tables in tight little spaces.  This is a black, metal draftman's stool... which means the seat will spin and adjust at any height you may need for sitting or as a table.  It is solid and so cute.
 I found this piece in my attic.  It is actually left over from a prior business I was involved in called Sisters, Inc., which I did with my mom, sisters, and sils.  It is a fun Santa painted on an old cabinet door.  The door has some of its original hardware.  I took a more zoomed OUT photo but it wasn't clear... so hopefully this smaller zoomed IN shot will serve as a little teaser to the whole piece.
So there you have it... a few of the items that went in the booth this week.  Have a great week!

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