Monday, December 12, 2011

An old favorite... SOLD

When I knew I was opening the booth earlier this year, I made a few display items for the booth.  This harvest table was one of those items.  It was in my booth on day 1, but marked 'NOT FOR SALE'.  It was perfectly narrow and because it was so long it allowed me to have a consistent surface space to display tons of items.
A few weeks ago I gave it an official price tag.  It was painful to do, but with my new larger space I hope to always have larger pieces for sale in the booth that can double as display space too.  As I knew it would... it sold quickly.  I got the call this weekend that it had sold and I knew I better rush in today to do some reshuffling so I wouldn't have items on the FLOOR! 
Farewell Harvest Table
Today I added some gorgeous pottery pieces.  I love to collect pottery and ironstone pieces.  I used them for everything from actual food service to holding extra handtowels in the half bath.  If you love these versatile pieces too, I have several new pieces in the booth for you to see.
 I moved around the items on the large blue dresser...
 I love the miniature pedestals.  They are made to be little cupcake stands, swoon.  I've also used them for votives.  Cuteness!
 Got a second call from Packards from a customer that needed lots of my 1/2 pint milk jars... and she wanted the striped straws to go with them, grin.  They are so very cute for a party!
I still have some of the clear milk jars left, but I also added some other milk jars.  These have dairy labels on them.  I love their miscellaneous labels and shapes.
 And I'll leave you with a wider shot of the booth with the now gone harvest table, boo... but I was able to reshuffle and get everything in a proper place, whew!

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  1. Dawn, I follow your stand from so far away. Any chance you'd ship items if your customers paid for the service? Have loved some of your merchandise but feel helpless way up on the right side of the U.S.