Monday, November 14, 2011

Market Monday

The Holiday Open House was a HUGE success!  Thank you so much.  I had the large hutch sell in less than 24 hours of loading it into the booth.  So I went in this morning to reshuffle things around (one of the best things about this business... that I get to 're-stage' so often and I love to do it), and add a few new items and to restock the big sellers.

In the space that the hutch was in, I reintroduced the harvest table that I had in my single booth before my move.  At that time, the table was marked 'not for sale', but now that I have the larger booth and will have more flexibility in furniture arrangements the harvest table is for sale.  It is a great piece.  I had several people want to buy it in the past so I hope it can find a new home soon. 
 I also brought in this small buffet.  It could even be used in an entry for storage.  The details on this buffet are beautiful.
 New trays.
 There was only ONE banner left when I got there this morning.  I am so glad that I made several more over the weekend.
 And the letter and number ornaments/tags sold well.  I introduced a new font and size... larger than any I had before today.
 Someone left a little message... considering I wasn't even born in 1967 it doesn't relate to me or my business but it made me laugh nonetheless ;)
 A new addition to my ornament line are these twig wreaths.  Again, using sheet music as an accent... they have a cluster of 3 rosettes and leaves.  Simple.
 And I also sold all the sheet music wreaths.  I made 3 more for the booth.  I am thrilled that these are being well received as they are fun to make and I think they are so beautiful!
 I restocked the glass in the booth.  These glass bottles and milk jars are so versatile and please note how thick the glass is on these older bottles/jars.  The reason I love their 'weight' is because it does make them perfect for holding water and flower arrangements... they are substantial enough to hold gorgeous displays!  I have a whole cabinet in my laundry room reserved for beautiful bottle/jars to have for table centerpieces and to line mantels, etc. Love them.
 Have a Great Week!

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  1. Dang it! I think I need those trays! Gonna have to make another trip out there. Hands off everyone!! Kidding...kinda.